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Nick Ellis made a drum machine with producer Max Martin a few years back. Nick now uses the drum machine, and a lot of other gadgets, to make music with his friends in Nick Ellis and the Noise!

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and we play new-wave synth-pop inspired by the 80’s and time travel. We sound like a marriage between Depeche Mode and the Beverly Hills cop theme.

In live performances we tend to use as many gadgets as we can, including drum machines, synthesizers, synced lights, pitch-pedals, and arpeggiators.

The band consists of Nick Ellis, Stefan Engström (bass), Mårten Sjöstrand (guitar), Alexandra Pajuluoma (synths) and Martin Schain (drums). We’ve had several performances during the last year at various venues around Stockholm, at indie scenes like Landet, Almost Famous och Underbara Bar for a constantly growing audience.

We are not signed. We get by indie-style. We are looking for good people to work with, so just contact us!

About Nick Ellis

Nick Ellis is the performing name of Niklas Möller. When Niklas lived in Australia, he was called Nick, and so the name stuck. Nick mostly hangs out at home with his music gadgets, or with the band, or with his friends at XLN Audio. He has been writing music for quite some time but only recently got obsessed about it. Now there’s no going back. He is one of the founders of XLN Audio, and designed one of the most popular Drum Machines in the world: Addictive Drums.

Quotes by Nick Ellis

Quotes about the song Delorean

- “The song is really about me wanting to change my past. Not an easy thing to accomplish. I think this song is the closest I will ever get to time travel. If I live for a while more I might be proven wrong, I hope so!”

- “At first, when I wrote the song Delorean, I thought it was just a fun theme. I didn’t realize it was about me personally. But now I know it is. It’s usually like that. I write songs to deal with things going on in my life and this was no exception.”

- “Growing up in the 80’s, I was very inspired by the “Back To the Future” movies. I think some part of me stopped aging after I saw that movie. I really wanted a time machine like the DeLorean, and I still do!”

Quotes about Nick Ellis, Max Martin, and Addictive Drums

- “Me and my friend Lars Erlandsson met with Max Martin to show him our idea for a software drum machine. We really believed in the idea and wanted to make it a reality. He also saw the potential. Together with him we refined the idea and developed it to a commercial product: Addictive Drums.”

- “Me, Lars Erlandsson and Max Martin started XLN Audio to make that software drum machine a reality. Now it’s one of the most widely used drum machines in the business.”

- “I was involved in every aspect of creating that drum machine (Addictive Drums).  Sound production, visual design, project management, you name it. I was in the studio banging cymbals for hours. “

- “It’s really quite cool to be able to make your own software for music performance. Very few musicians have that opportunity. I feel very privileged.”

- “Now we are performing with that drum machine. We use triggers on the drum kit to get that lovely retro drum machine sound. “

- “I did expect that drum machine to be useful, but I really didn’t expect it to be so widely used. Now most music producers I talk to has heard about it. Kind of neat I think.”

Quotes about the Delorean Music Video

- “Everything that we wanted for this video was hard to come by. I mean, a DeLorean car? Where do you get one? And the props from the Back To The Future movies? It’s not like you can buy them at the grocery store. So it took a lot of dedicated research and crafting. In the end it was more than worth it!”

- “Some references to the Back To The Future movies are easy to spot, but others require a keen eye and some fan-level knowledge of the movies. “

- “To record the video at a car scrap yard outside Stockholm was a brilliant idea. We just didn’t realize how cold, dirty and oily it would be.”

- “We ended up actually making a lot of replica props from the movies, like the Flux Capacitor. “

- “I was real lucky to meet up with director Ralph Chestersson, and his colleague producer Martin Öberg. I knew they were part of making the latest First Aid Kit music video, and I liked their ideas. But still, I had no idea that the result would be so inspiring!”

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