Delorean is our first single, and this is the music video!
As we found out, it takes a lot of effort to build a time machine. And even if you try real hard, you might be stuck right where you are anyhow. Atleast we tried!

A big THANK YOU to Ralph, Martin, Riley and all the others who helped us make this video! And of course, thanks Reine for giving us the opportunity to record with one of the sweetest looking cars around: a DeLorean!

Video Credits:

Producer: Martin Öberg
Director: Ralph Chesterson
Cinematography: Daniel Riley
Editing: Joachim Nakagawa Stråning
Makeup: Claudia-Yianina De Las Mercedes
Assistant Cameraman: Caleb Smith
Set Designer: Liselotte Wennerstrand
Grading: Martin Öberg
Delorean car: Reine Gahnström
Production assistants: Jack Dickenson, Jenny Ekedahl, Johan Holmgren
Note: We are not in any way affiliated with the Delorean Motor Company. We’re just big fans!

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